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How do I design a better compensation plan?

What we hear – Deciding what to pay employees is one of the most important decisions for a business but one which comes without a clear set of instructions for getting it right.

How we help – From leading a detailed educational workshop to partnering from start to finish on a new design or redesign of your enterprise compensation plan, we can help businesses of any size maximize the impact of their compensation program within their budgetary constraints.

How do I attract better candidates?

What we hear – Adding people to businesses is difficult. From selecting the right channels for sourcing source candidates to evaluating them and finally convincing them to accept your offer, the whole process is filled with challenges.

How we help – From performing a simple diagnostic to locate and correct illusive issues to a leading you to develop a world class talent acquisition approach, we can support you in figuring out what your talent acquisition program needs and make it happen.

Why aren't people delivering at their full potential?

What we hear – Whether it’s a salesperson who stops selling after meeting their targets or a manager who you need to manage more and focus less on their individual contributions, it’s common for good people to stop short of being great.

How we help – We can attack the problem head on, engaging your workforce directly to understand their motivations and needs or we can help you from the back room to design incentives that will align customer, business and employee success.

How do I attract/retain millennials?

What we hear – The millennial generation behaves behave differently and demands different things that our more senior employees. Still they fill critical roles and are an unavoidable as part of our workforce.

How we help – We show you how to build flexible, fit-for-audience strategies to attract, retain and motivate diverse workforces which may include adjustments to compensation, performance management, recruiting, communication to employees or some combination of multiple approaches.

How do I design a commission structure that reflects many business objectives?

What we hear – Traditional sales and broker roles are becoming more complex. Commission structures either encourage too narrow a focus or become too complex to be motivating.

How we help – We help you connect the dots between customer needs, business priorities and employee motivations into pay programs that are simple for employees but still reflect the complex balance of priorities that the business needs employees to understand, respect, and respond to.

How do I avoid losing my best people?

What we hear – Losing people is scary and damaging to the business. While losing people is inevitable, it always seems like the best people are the first to go and the most difficult to prevent from leaving.

How we help – We start by helping you determine if the root cause for attrition is related to compensation, culture, performance management, communication, a combination of these factors or something else entirely and then support you in crafting interventions to lower attrition risk.

How do I avoid bad hiring decisions?

What we hear – Finding the perfect candidate is hard and takes a long time and I can’t wait a long time to fill my roles, but when I take chances in my hiring, I’m scared that I’ll end up hiring a lemon.

How we help – We help you build clarity in what you really need from a candidate – lowering the bar from the perfect candidate to simply the right candidate. We also help you (re)design the candidate evaluation process to operate more efficiently and effectively growing your confidence in your hiring decisions.

I'm starting a new business. How do I design a great compensation plan?

What we hear – Standing up a business without the constraints of a prior compensation plan is liberating, but that freedom makes the design process harder, especially when considering equity as part of the compensation plan.

How we help – We teach you to take a customer-centric view of your compensation strategy and design around your plan to use specific reward instruments that will attract, retain and motivate your employees within the constraints of how the business wants to operate. We’ll also help you maximize impact by communicating that plan effectively.

Why does it take so long to hire people?

What we hear – The timeline from recognizing the need for a new employee to having somebody on-boarded is longer than it seems like it should be, but the only way to move faster seems to be to lower the quality expectations.

How we help – We show you how taking a more intentional and rigorous approach to designing your recruiting process can accelerate hiring during the execution of that process. We’ll also work with you to avoid hunting unicorns and focus on hiring for long-term success rather than hiring to fill a vacancy.

How do I get HR help on demand without hiring somebody?

What we hear – My business isn’t large enough to financially support hiring an HR leader, but I frequently wish I had somebody to bounce ideas off of rather than constantly feeling like I’m guessing.

How we help – We can provide fractional HR leadership support empowering you to have ready access to top tier HR insights and perspectives without having a on-going consulting project or the costs of hiring an HR employee.

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